I am not suggesting a competition. I am just curious if people who exclusively use their bicycles for transportation shop daily, a few times a week, or weekly. (If someone only goes grocery shopping once a month I definitely want to hear from you!)

My new plan to shop daily for all the food needed for that day has been going well. My family of five is eating healthier, I am getting a bit of exercise every morning, and we have less waste. My youngest has even decided that home cooked is the only way from now on. Tried to order delivery over the weekend and I received an earful. I made homemade tacos.

The picture above is what I picked up this morning for our meals today. It is the most I have brought home so far. The weight alone wouldn't have worked on my Cannondale. But my 1970's ten speed "Brittany" was just the ticket.

I forget sometimes what a privilege it is to be able to own several different bicycles. Which is why I am so glad my husband Tom founded Lake City Bicycle Collective this year. I now get to help those that can't, for whatever reason afford one, be able to get or earn one.

He has also inspired me to get more involved in the encouragement side of getting more people out riding. Which means "biking the talk" That is the reason I am making the changes I have been.

Because it is not always about riding for 100's of miles. The most important rides are the ones where you only go a short distance. Ones where you normally would drive a vehicle. Even if you only do that once per month!

When was the last time you chose to ride or walk instead of drive? Was it a long ride or a short ride to coffee with friends?

  • Sascha

    Love Love Love your blog. I couldn’t figure out how to post these photos on your article, but here are some photos of running errands using my bike in NYC.

    Yes that is big pot with kitchen herbs. LOL
    I like the fold out pannier, because I can load it up a lot. I‘ve even moved small pieces of furniture ( bungee cords are your friend )
    Typical grocery run is 3 bags – 2 bags in fold out and one on top of rack lashed with bungees.


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  • Caryl

    I always thought that biking in my neighborhood was a death sentence. But I felt compelled to take AT LEAST ONE trip to the grocery on my bike, and I’m so glad I did! Once I tried, I realized it’s not as scary as I thought it was. I got my husband on board, and now we try to never take car trips to the store. It’s amazing how well we keep to our list when we know we have to carry it home! 🙂

  • I’ve been using my bike for groceries since spring, and I go about three times a week. I’m only shopping for two. I use one pannier, a tote lashed on top of the rack with a bungee cord net, and a bag strapped to my back. Yesterday (first day after travel), I overpurchased and ended up carrying a tote on my left arm too.