Tree Lined Concert Hall

One of the many things I love about riding my bicycle are the sights and sounds of nature. There is something spiritual about the smell of fresh rain, a bit of chill in the air, and hundreds of birds singing above your head.

On my way to an early morning meeting last week I was reminded of why I have wanted to make the leap from a fair weather rider to an everyday rider. As I pedaled along the almost deserted street, (not much traffic at 8:30 am in downtown Coeur d’Alene on Lakeside between 15th and 7th), I had to stop and pause. Feet off the pedals with my face to the sky I smiled to myself.

All To Myself

The symphony echoing around me deserved an audience. If only for a brief moment. At those times, the marketer in me feels the urge to pull out my phone; record it to share. However, the selfish part of me wants to keep it to myself. Which is what I ultimately chose to do. I kept it all. Misty rain drops on my face, the quiet of the morning, only interrupted for a few minutes by the feathered chorus.

Thinking about it now makes my heart skip a beat, while those around me ponder the goofy smile on my face. I believe sometimes we need to get out of our own way. Slow down, turn off the devices, and take a step outside.

Not a Simple Proposition

Choosing to ride my bicycle instead of driving means I need to make adjustments and different choices. I need to leave earlier for meetings, (especially if I am riding to Hayden or Post Falls), a trip to the grocery store means only buying what fits in my backpack, and planning out my errands. But, I still wear what I would wear even if I were driving, (yes I have ridden in heels and a dress), the piece of Cheesecake doesn’t fill me with regret, and I get free symphony concerts from time to time.

I will, on occasion, try to describe my biking experiences here and maybe, just maybe, I will even record some of them. Rest assured, there will be more moments I selfishly keep to myself, though. If you want to know what it is actually like, you will have to find out for yourselves 😉

Until next time…Let there be cake. Cheers and Ride (or Walk) On!

Jamie Lynn