Month: January 2017

Bicycle News

Adopt the Trails and Bikeways Plan for Coeur d’Alene: Dream Big Later

Accomplishments are made in baby steps, not standing still. Lets keep moving forward, celebrate accomplishments that have already been made, and look with wide-eyed excitement at what could come next. Stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum never got my kids anything; except time out in what they referred to as the torture corner. Maybe people need to stop acting like children and be the adults we all know they can be…or…I have a nice corner in my house you are welcome to come sit in for a while.


Are You An Advocate or a Shit Stirrer?

There is enough fear, hate, and divisiveness around us today. We don’t need to be creating more. What we need is more encouragement, love, and cooperation. I don’t like bullies and if the only way you can advocate for something is by scaring, belittling, and bullying other people you are not my kind of advocate…you are a shit!

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